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Learn ANYTHING faster and more easily Perform better at sports Be more focused and organized Start and finish projects with ease Overcome learning challenges Reach new levels of excellence The basic idea behind Brain Gym is that the brain will develop, and learning will be enhanced, by certain bodily movements. Paul Dennison and Gail E. Dennison, who “were seeking more effective ways to help children and adults who had been identified as ‘learning disabled. It gets worse, though. The following is from the Brain Gym website: Applied Kinesiology AK is a distinct work used by chiropractors, similar to Edu-K in its study of muscles and use of muscle-checking or muscle-testing, and yet different from Edu-K. Edu-K is oriented to goals, and to daily life function and performance, rather than to a medical or mechanistic model of the body. AK includes a set of specific tests and related corrections to restore balance in a therapeutic model, and uses test responses to make an evaluation of physiological health. AK is not the kind of activity you want to associate yourself with if you are claiming to be on the leading edge of science.

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Park equipment Goal posts Trees when hanging your rings from trees we’d recommend throwing a towel over the branch first so that your straps don’t wear on the branch Things to consider when installing your rings Some other pointers to keep in mind when mounting your rings Height of the Rings Most Fitness rings come with straps from 16′ – 18′ and are fully height-adjustable using the buckles. Ideally, you need enough room so that you can hang from the rings without the feet touching the floor, combined with overhead clearance to perform a muscle-up and hoist yourself above the rings without the fear of concussion!

Width of the Rings Gym rings should be fixed around 50cm apart or slightly wider than shoulder width, to allow for comfortable training. The Surrounding Space We’re assuming here that you’re strength training on your rings rather than performing gymnastics movements that include swinging dismounts!

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Fitness Club System Features In this system a digital matrix processor serves the entire facility with zoning capability, while smaller analog mixer based systems are provided for independent studios. The overall facility system is based around an MTX3 digital matrix processor. Different BGM and announcements can be broadcast to seven different zones: The independent dance studio sound system features an MG C analog mixer that allows intuitive mixing via faders and controls, with an LED level meter that makes it easy to set up optimum volume levels.

A simple system based on an MG C mixer offers intuitive hands-on control via its faders and controls, while an LED level meter makes volume management easy. With multiple processing functions such as equalization and feedback suppression built into a single convenient unit, the MTX3 can reduce cabling requirements and thereby limit problems such as shorts or bad connections that can occur over time, for example.

Jun 30,  · Cook’s Hook Up acewithenergy. Loading Unsubscribe from acewithenergy? Brain Gym Exercises for Kids – Brain Buttons for Attention and Focus – Duration:

Sep 11, Brian Richards Brian Richards is an attorney whose work has appeared in law and philosophy journals and online in legal blogs and article repositories. He has been a writer since Young students drawing at desks. Each exercise can be done in a small area in the classroom or at the student’s seat. They are generally fun movements that are designed to engage the brain. While many of the activities work best with younger students, older students and even adults can benefit from Brain Gym exercises.

Video of the Day Figure 8s Students draw figure 8s either in the air with their fingers or on a piece of paper. When students use their non-dominant hand to draw the figure 8, it engages the creativity portions of the brain, making this variation a good warm-up for art or creative writing lessons. Drawing figure 8s with the dominant hand loosens up the muscles in the arm and wrist, and serves to ready students for writing essays.

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Brain Gym is protected by copyright laws! If you want to teach it to your students you first have to ask Mr. Also, it is very risky for unexperienced people to apply this techniques without a preliminary training which can be done only in the authorized centres. If you want extra information you can visit the official Brain Gym web site.

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