Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Yeri and Joy did not disappoint their waiting fans as they appeared to warn the audience of a fired-up party they prepared that night. A binge of happiness The members resumed their spirited drive for their lively second set of a colored safari-theme backdrop. Catching up their breaths, the girls settled for some spontaneous chats with the energetic fans. Wendy said hi to the attendees in the second level. Truly comfortable with their fans, the girls went to talk about their hair colors, which have changed since their last visit. They shared how much they enjoyed munching local dishes such as pepper crabs, chili crabs, and mantou.

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The plaintiffs in her gambling debt case have released a new statement regarding the whole saga. Well, this is a mess. She then said she will work hard to return everything she owes. On August 9, however, her money lenders came forward with their side of the story, claiming that she has blocked them from contacting her since mid-June, even well after the payment due date. He said, she said, they said — we reckon the only real truth here is that gambling and getting into debt are SCARY.

Another week, another slew of oppas signing up for the army.

Seulgi entered SM in , she treined for 7 years before the debut and according to the text she stared dating Baekhyun in / They didn’t even knew each other back then. In the text they dated when Baekhyun was 17 and Seulgi

Baekhyun x Reader Summary: Watching the man you love love someone else was the most painful feeling in the world. Originally posted by sefuns A broken heart was a nuisance, an annoying leech that sucked the life out of you every moment you paused to think about the pain it was spreading through your limbs. Every second you spent with your mind not occupied you wanted to scream and cry. It felt like your emotions were burning embers and anytime you paused to give it oxygen the fire would grow and consume you til you were nothing but ashes.

He was in your favorite songs and covering your walls. He was in your brain and in your vision and filled your senses down to your atoms that made you alive. Sometimes you felt angry, sometimes you felt happy, but mostly you felt so incredibly sad.

Baekhyun discovered a scribble of Exo’s name on a student’s desk ~ pannatic

Sunday 29th of January All fans want are for the two to actual start dating! Irene and Park Bo Gum dating rumors:

Baekhyun seemed really really hurt from all this and their breakup. As for Kai and Krystal, I think it’s true considering their friendship since so long but I don’t know their current relationship status.

Eunjae was born in London to a Korean mother and Nigerian father. He has an older sister named Eunah who is an actress, a twin sister named Eunmi who is also an idol and a member of BTS, and a younger brother named Eunsung who is a model. When Eunjae and Eunmi were six, Eunah was nine, and Eunsung was three, their parents divorced and their mother moved with them back to Seoul, South Korea. Though it had been hard for the four children to understand when they were younger, their parents had divorced because their father had been cheating with another woman.

Because of this, they had an estranged relationship with him. In , their stepmother gave birth to their baby brother James. Eunjae, like his twin sister, had many hobbies growing up. They both learned to play the piano together, but unlike his sister, he loved dancing more and pursued that instead. He never considered becoming an idol when he was younger, and after watching his sister get rejected time and time again, it drove him even further away from it.

He was there for about two years, and during that time he posted dance covers on YouTube.

Pure # Googly Eyes and Shy Smiles [Part 1/2]: kaisoobiography

It’s all a product of our imagination. These are original works made by us, so please, do not redistribute them anywhere without our consent. So happy you guys opened the requests! Please have a fluff ending!

Seulgi is my ultimate bias in all of Kpop, like she is unopened and baekhyun and seul gi dating websites, and super talented with both men and dance, seyl this makes me looking. I don’t even have to hear Eunji being one of if not the best dating in all of K-pop.

All the collaborations and songs that the two have participated ended up being successful and high charting songs. As expected given their portfolio, the two went with a ballad. It is one of those extremely slow ballads that people tend to shy away from. Even I do that to some of the songs of that nature sometimes. And for the latter half of the song when they sing together for the final chorus, we got that fantastic feel. You could hear their vocals in the purest form i. But with a slow ballad, that seemed to drag out the song.

While I am not too troubled by that now, it was something that I had to get used to after multiple listens to the song. But there is something else. Changing from Soyu to Baekhyun felt too instant and too fast. There was a second of silence and that was it. I am not a big fan of the video.

Baekhyun and Taeyeon stir up dating rumors after ‘lovestagram’ posts

History Pre-debut Seulgi was the first member to be cast as an SM Entertainment trainee through an audition in , while Irene was cast in , and Yeri in The three members were rumored to debut as a group in July, which was then confirmed by SM Entertainment. It was described as an urban Europop song with a strong synth sound and an African tribal beat.

The album went on to become the best selling album by a girl group in South Korea for the first half of on the Hanteo Chart.

Jun 18,  · [UPDATE!] IT’S OFFICIAL! SM confirmed that SNSD’s Taeyeon and EXO’s Baekhyun are currently dating. Congrats to the couple and please support them both.

Jun 17 2: Although he may be lacking in his acting skills for now, he has potential, and I know a lot of people agree with me on this. I look forward to watching more of him in his upcoming series and movies. He was very charming in Who Are You: School , and he did very, very well. Speaking of Who Are You: School , I just finished watching it and I’m so happy because the ending turned out exactly how I hoped and felt it would. I think most of the Tae-Bi shippers were blinded by the idea of Han Yi-an being Go Eun-byul’s childhood friend, whom he had feelings for for a long time.

I think the question for the Tae-Bi shippers is, “if Eun-bi and Eun-byul were never separated, and Han Yi-an knew them both from the very beginning, would he have had feelings for Eun-byul like he did? Feelings change; it’s normal. Han Yi-an liked Eun-byul and he cares for her very much.

Internautas aprovam nova “namorada” de Jimin!

None in this chapter Word Count: I found a way to lessen it without having too much blossomy words. Yanmei is starting to see less and less of Jongdae because his father is suddenly wanting to throw the responsibility of their company to him since she was introduced to the family. She knew this would happen, but Jongdae assured her that everything will be okay.

But seulgi is a precious bear how could they say that ㅠㅠ I doubt baekhyun and seulgi actually dated and this is probably only the views of a small group of extreme Chinese netizens. Foreign fans, specifically Chinese fans, can get a little out of hand especially the Chinese exo-ls.

SO when the Baekyeon dating news first came out in June. I was debating whether or not to write my two cents on it. I wrote about Khunfany because it was more surprising to me… but Baekyeon not so much. But the fact that it has been more than half a year later, and people are STILL upset and going crazy over it, I feel like I might as well share those two cents now. If anything, I thought they would get the most support out of all the soshi members in relationships right now because SO many people shipped them beforehand.

Since they are both my ultimate biases from both groups my fangirl heart was more than content my OTP came true: So whenever there were interviews where they sat next to eachother or concerts where they walked side by side.

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They are the best rokkies the last year, they worked hard to be the best. They are really funny and so adorable They are the best B1A4 should be on the top list.

One of the things she mentions is that Seulgi and Baekhyun audition together. However, we know that Seulgi immediately got into SM while Baekhyun is known to have failed his audition until an SM manager scouted him much later.

There are many rumors regarding Red Velvet plastic surgery, as there are some people, who believe that some or all of these girls have gone under the knife for the sake of enhancing beauty. It is not necessary that all of them have done a plastic surgery but it is possible that one or two of them have had one. They say that all noticed changes are natural and not synthetic.

She is the leader of the band and her beauty is the main cause of the rumors about Red Velvet plastic surgery. She is very talented and has a great voice. I tried to look for any signs of plastic surgeries but there was none. She is the lead dancer of the group.

Survey of your two favorite Kpop group 😀

Mata Sehun sudah berkaca-kaca. Apa yang kau lakukan, huh? Sehun hanya menggeleng lemah.

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Sip banget ya k-fans itu. Detil banget deh sampai foto kaya gini aja bisa jadi petunjuk buat mereka. Kemudian, ia mengatakan pada Suho yang ada di sebelah mereka sesuatu hal dan melelucon Joy bersama. Tetapi jika kau melihat lebih dekat ke foto, Chanyeol terlihat terus melihat kearah lain seolah-olah ia terganggu. Chanyeol terlihat bermain-main dengan Baekhyun tapi masih terus melihat kearah lain. Ketika aku mengambil melihat lebih dekat ke mana ia melihat, ia melihat ke arah Heechul mengolok-olok Joy.

Kemudian, ia mulai bergerak ke arah Joy dan Heechul seolah-olah ia sedang mencari tahu apa yang terjadi? Kim Heechul datang kembali menggoda Joy lagi tapi kali ini, ia meminta Suho untuk bergabung dengannya. Tapi Kau bisa melihat Chanyeol yang terganggu dan terus melihat ke arah mereka. Kemudian, dia datang ke arah mereka. Joy terlihat melihat kembali pada seseorang dan kemudian berbalik dan tersenyum.

Dan kemudian tiba-tiba, Chanyeol mulai datang ke arahnya.. Tapi kemudian tiba-tiba, Heechul datang kembali ke Joy sehingga Chanyeol mengambil selfie dengan Baekhyun.

Netizens make up rumors that Jimin and Seulgi are dating