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The national flag is a tricolor of blue, white, and red vertical stripes. The euro replaced the franc as the official currency in The euro is divided into cents. There are coins in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 cents and 1 euro and 2 euros. There are notes of 5, 10, 20, 50, , , and euros. The metric system is the legal standard.


As you drive the climate becomes noticeably warmer and the countryside noticeably Mediterranean in appearance as you approach the southern city of Valence. Angouleme — from comics to cars Angouleme is not a city on the normal tourist agenda but none-the-less does have an interesting historic centre and a couple of unusual events that take place each year.

Montpellier, a city to discover A recent visit to Montpellier has me wondering why I have never visited before and how soon I can return. It is a beautiful city made all the more attractive by its young and vibrant atmosphere — definitely one of our top 5 cities to visit in the South of France.

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History of Card Making in France French Regional Patterns of the 18th Century The playing of cards has not always been looked upon as innocently as playing canasta with your grandmother. The earliest historical references to playing cards come from objections and prohibitions. It is little wonder, as cards were invariably associated with gambling, and around smoky dens and gaming-houses, the practice of playing cards could not easily have taken on a wholesome reputation.

No small mention that many a young prince or impudent Earl had tried their hand at games of luck and chance, and lost their fortune doing it. It should be no surprise, then that sovereigns throughout the ages have in no pretence restrained themselves from imposing taxes or duties on playing cards. By the beginning of the Eighteenth century, war, and no doubt extravagance, had drained France’s national treasury to little more than copper coins in a tin pot.

In a new duty was imposed on playing cards of 18 deniers a deck. In order to collect the new tax, the country was divided into nine manufacturing regions. It was in this manner that each region was allotted its own design. This was not the ushering in of nine entirely new designs, but rather formalized or “registered” what was already there. At this time there was much more lucidity in the way playing cards were interpreted.

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Prehistoric Provence[ edit ] The entrance to the Cosquer Cave , decorated with paintings of auks, bison, seals and outlines of hands dating to 27, to 19, BC, is located 37 meters under the surface of the Calanque de Morgiou near Cassis. A bronze-age dolmen to BC near Draguignan The coast of Provence has some of the earliest known sites of human habitation in Europe.

Primitive stone tools dated to 1 to 1. At the beginning of the Paleolithic period, the sea level in western Provence was meters higher than it is today. By the end of the Paleolithic, it had dropped to metres lower than today’s sea level. The cave dwellings of the early inhabitants of Provence were regularly inundated by the rising sea or left far from the sea and swept away by erosion.

In order to establish a “top fifty” of the “best places to see in France”, we have taken into account a number of criteria, notably urban environment and cityscape, museums, historic monuments and other attractions, accessibility, and things to see and do in the immediate vicinity.

Montpellier In One Day: Is It A Mini Paris? We had one full day in which to explore the university city where students account for a third of its inhabitants. Arrival We arrived in Montpellier late Saturday afternoon in early August. It took around four hours to get there and with empty bellies, we ate at Burger et Blanquette the burgers were very good. As it was already getting late, we went back to our hotel, put the kids to bed and got an early night ahead of a full day of exploring the next day.

I spotted it the previous day and after a week in France, I was desperate for a decent cappuccino! We enjoyed a very substantial breakfast which kept us going until mid afternoon. I had smashed avocado on toast, the hubby enjoyed eggs benedict and the girls devoured pancakes. We were fuelled up and ready to go. The space is a hive of activity, particularly in the evenings.

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Historical Note Guy de Chauliac (): The “Father of Surgery” Andre Thevenet, MD, Montpellier, France Guy de Chauliac, rightly considered the “father of surgery,” was educated and taught in Montpellier, France.

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Why Montpellier is France’s most seductive and underrated city

Share this article Share Jean-Marc Duprat, a deputy mayor for the nearby town, said the attacker was upset because the victims were wearing shorts and t-shirts. French TV channel TF1 said he ‘may have acted out of religious motives’. A small folding knife with a blade measuring from 8 to 10 centimeters was found at the scene.

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Arrive in Toulouse Your guide will greet you at your hotel and give you all the information necessary for your trip and fit you with your bike and equipment. If you arrive early, take advantage to explore Toulouse, known as the pink city for its brick architecture. Meander in the famous Capitol place and visit various architectural masterpieces, the Saint Sernin Basilica, and the Jacobins church for its 13th century cloister and famous pillars that seem to represent palm trees.

You can even go further on and walk along the lush riverside of the Garonne River. There are many local restaurants that prepare the typical local specialty a Cassoulet, made with French white beans. Breakfast on your own, Lunch on your own, Dinner on your own. Cycle along the Canal du Midi Distance 1: You follow the canal du midi bike path. Then you will leave the canal to take countryside roads to reach you deluxe hotel.

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Sadly, it has been lost to cyberspace, so here I go again. Yesterday morning, I took a very fast train from Barcelona to Montpellier. Montpellier is the 8th largest city in France, and the third largest French city on the Mediterranean. It is also the quickest growing city in France over the past 25 years. This may be because it is home to three universities as well as three higher education institutions, which would explain the amount of young folk in the city. Anyone who reads my facebook statuses would already know how taken I was with the beauty of this city.

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Anthony Peregrine The Montpellier barman was really too busy to listen to me. Him, and the rest of the world. But I was talking to myself. The barman had hurtled out with a tray-full of fruit juice. Back then, the city was emerging from a lethargic recent past of rentiers, wine decline and sun-lit slumber. The blood froze in winter and boiled in summer. He grinned, and I left. Workers and bourgeois lived cheek-by-jowl. Everyone on the streets was going somewhere specific — work, shopping, school, university.

Elegant, subversive and sensual, Montpellier has become the most cultured and tolerant city in France No longer. Fuelled by hi-tech industries, brains and brilliance, the city has spent 45 years or more growing faster than anywhere else in France — from 14th to eighth position, population-wise — while keeping hold of the Med essentials. Elegant, subversive and sensual, it has become the most cultured and tolerant city in France.

Ambling visitors abound, thank heavens. In my old St Roch district, what had been dark and functional had gone light and lively.

Montpellier to Avignon

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The easiest way to get to Montpellier is by train, with fast connections from Paris, Nice, and any of France’s other major cities. One-way tickets are about 40€ from Paris, and half that for those who carry a French student card.

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Our House in Provence: Stage 12 Tour de France, Montpellier to Mont Ventoux

Play media The French Parliament votes for same-sex marriage, 23 April On 12 February , the National Assembly approved the bill as a whole in a — vote and sent it to the Senate. The first official same-sex ceremony took place on 29 May in the city of Montpellier.

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Until the middle ages Narbonne was a prosperous city and port but plague, war and a harbour that was prone to silting up led to a decline in its fortunes. However it remains an attractive city on the Mediterranean coast between Perpignan and Montpellier. They include the Bishops Palace and the Cathedral: This very imposing building includes various styles and is dominated by a large 13th century tower and two other medieval towers.

There are actually two Palaces here: Le Cour de la Madeleine, the old palace courtyard, is entered through a gateway, and the area is dominated by the Saint Theodard bell tower and the cathedral. The Cathedrale Saint Just: Finishing the building would have involved demolishing part of the city walls and so work stopped in , and was never resumed after the town was invaded by the Black Prince in Excavations at the site have revealed three older religious structures predating the current cathedral.

On the outside the structure is lovely to see with its large flying buttresses. Inside it is the height of the cathedral which is impressive and it has some very impressive 14th century stained glass windows, and in the treasury you can see various interesting artefacts including a Flemish tapestry of the 15th century depicting the creation of the world.

On the course of the canal you can see a part of an ancient bridge called the pont des Marchands.