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The base of the car seat has those UAS lower anchors, which i hook them up to the lower anchor points of the back seat of the RAV. From the manual of the RAV, it seems that they recommend installing the car seat to the right and left side of the back seat instead of the middle. I always thought the car seat should be installed in the center?? Is it safe to install the car seat in the center? This is only a recommendation. I have two car seats so they are installed on each side.


Want to see how the technical details compare? What do these weights mean? Most strollers are somewhere in the middle.

Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat – Chili Red Keeping this secret is one of the ways we keep bringing you top designers and brands at great prices. $ Comparable value $ Save up .

Feel free to comment about our list or about your favorite child seats there! Recommended Carseats This award is a full listing of all of our recommendations for split into categories. Rear-Facing Only Infant Seats Infant seats typically have a base that stays in the vehicle although most but not all models can also be installed without the base. This type of carseat is rear-facing only for infants up something lbs. For infant seats rated higher than 30 lbs.

You can purchase extra bases to use in other vehicles if that suits your needs.

Graco My Ride 65 LX Convertible Car Seat Review

Pay careful attention to these systems; some of the seat belts that are not safe to use look very much like seat belts that are safe to use. For Built-in Harness Only 7. With Or Without Built-in Harness 7. Belt is tightened by pulling hard on the shoulder portion of the vehicle belt while pushing down hard on the child restraint.

Graco makes a stroller, the DuoGlider, which can hold an infant car seat in either the front or back seat. My kids are 18 months apart and this stroller was a life saver for .

Feel free to comment about our list or about your favorite child seats there! Recommended Carseats This award is a full listing of all of our recommendations for split into categories. Rear-Facing Only Infant Seats Infant seats typically have a base that stays in the vehicle although most but not all models can also be installed without the base. This type of carseat is rear-facing only for infants up something lbs.

For infant seats rated higher than 30 lbs. You can purchase extra bases to use in other vehicles, if that suits your needs.

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First of all, you need to decide whether you are installing it with UAS universal anchorage system or the seatbelt. This choice will be discussed in another blog post. UAS stands for universal anchorage system. Using UAS is not safer, but in some cases it can be easier. It also is better in some particular cases, like infant bases or light rear facing seats where a locking seatbelt can cause the seat to tip to the side.

Jen Shapka is a mom of two, teacher-by-training, Child Passenger Safety Technician-Instructor Trainer, military spouse, and small business owner.A co-founder of Vancouver Island Car Seat Techs, she now resides in Ontario.

The seat can be used facing forward or facing to the rear. When using it as a rear facing seat, the minimum weight is 5 pounds, so this seat is great for little preemies. In the rear facing scenario, the maximum weight is 40 pounds. Babies need to face forward when they reach 40 inches. When using it as a forward facing seat, the seat can be used with children from 22 pounds to 65 pounds and those who are 34 inches to 52 inches.

This seat has a higher weight limit than many other car seats offer when in the forward facing position. If you have a little one who can be rough with their stuff, get this seat for sure. It even has flame retardant. Spills are hard to see as well, and you can wash the covers when necessary. Evenflo Tribute LX The Evenflo Tribute LX is an inexpensive seat for most parents, which makes it a great purchase for new moms and dads who are spending a lot of money.

It is a small and quite lightweight convertible car seat. Part of the reason for this is that it does not convert into a booster seat as other seats that are more expensive often do. Children from 5 to 40 pounds can sit in this seat, but do not expect a newborn inlay.

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This is an old post. And I now know my son was not safe using an insert that came between him and the car seat. Please do not use any car seat accessories that come between your child and their seat. Although I was having a good time and learning a lot, I was also pining for the two small people I left at home with their daddy. As a result, I gravitated to the lovely Brandy Keener , who along with her husband, had traveled to New York from Oregon with their adorable 8-week-old son, Kai.

Now when my first-born was 8 weeks, I think I was still stumbling around in my maternity wear and intermittently crying for no reason, so I completely admire Brandy and her husband for picking up and carrying on with little Kai along for the ride.

With hook type connectors, you must depress the tongue, push the hook over the bar then rotate 90 degrees before pulling the hook free. Rigid LATCH seats are easier. Usually they only require extending the rigid attachments, locating the anchors then pushing the carseat firmly into the back of the vehicle seat.

LATCH has been available in most passenger vehicles since model year Tether anchors have been available since model year This article addresses many questions and concerns about this system. LATCH should make it easier to get a proper installation. All new carseat models are compatible with seatbelt installations.

Any position in the rear is safe. First try installing with the seatbelt in the center if it fits well and is allowed by the carseat and vehicle owner’s manuals. Generally not, although a few do allow it. Some combination models do allow top tether use as a booster, and some dedicated boosters are LATCH-equipped. Please consult the owner’s manual of your carseat for details. Only one or the other is needed, you should generally use the one that provides the best fit.

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The aim is to get us buying smarter. They buy up the things we need by the truckload, and pass the savings onto us. Having been given a few vouchers to shop the event, we managed to pick up a Graco Endure Car Seat for Dex. This is a group 1, 2 and 3 forward-facing car seat and the box states it is suitable for children from 1 year up to 12 years. As an ambassador for a leading child safety company, I would suggest this is in fact suitable for children from 15 months to 12 years owing to new iSize regs.

The Graco My Ride 65 LX Convertible Car Seat is an infant convertible car seat priced between $ and $ depending on which color you choose.. It is suitable for infants and children from 5 – 65lbs ( – 30kg). Rear facing 5 – 40lbs ( – 18kg) and forward facing 20 – 65lbs ( – 30kg) (up .

Sometimes, for these purposes, you may find it easier to undo the straps completely from the car seat. The straps can easily be removed and placed back into the car seat without much fuss. Locate the buckle on the front of the car seat that fits between your child’s legs. This is the buckle to which the shoulder and leg straps both connect.

Connect the shoulder straps to the buckle in the front. Then, route the top part of the strap through the slots on the car seat. There are typically three slots on each side, all at a different level for the size of the child. The smaller your child is, the lower the straps should be placed on the seat. Route each strap through the correct slot for your child’s height. Turn the car seat over so you are looking at the bottom of the unit.

Locate the slots on the back for the shoulder straps to come through. You will be able to pull the straps through the slots so they go completely through. Locate the hooks on the back of the car seat that hold the straps in place.


Here are our three recommendations for a best booster seat. LATCH essentially consists of a set of lower tether straps and upper tether straps located on the bottom of the car seat. You connect these tethers to built-in anchors located in your car.

Lastly, forward facing car seats, especially the higher-end ones, are very tall and will allow your child to be harnessed for longer than the average convertible seat.

For a higher-level intro to car seats for first-time parents, please start with the intro. Mainly because everyone drives a different car, and what fits properly and safely in a Honda Accord may not do the trick in an Audi A3, for example. Of the crashes studied, very few infants in rear-facing seats were injured. Types of Infant Car Seats Essentially, there are American-style infant car seats and European-style infant car seats, even though few people use this nomenclature.

The Britax Endeavors also has this. To see what I mean, watch this video and cue to 1: I recommend you read the Stroller Intro to get a basic idea of what to look for. In the past few years, they have been offering two versions of this seat: But they have fancier ones, oh yes.

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Graco Tranzitions – Presto Change-o! See a video tour here. True to its name it transitions — ahem, tranZitions — through these stages with ease. Forward facing in harness mode:

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Graco Nautilus 65 vs Which Stroller Should you Choose ? Appearance at a Glance Graco Nautilus 65 The Nautilus 65 and Nautilus 80 Elite are both front-facing, 3-in-1 car seats for children, manufactured by Graco. Despite being almost identical to each other, they do have a few differences. The Nautilus 65 is available in multiple color options four of the more popular options are lustre, tara, curio and pratt; whereas more color options are being offered for Nautilus 80 Elite — azalea, splash, chili red, go green, quinley and chase.

Many customers have remarked positively on the availability of multiple color options for these seats. They are almost identical looking with 5-point harness and both weighing the same at However, as you will read further, the Nautilus 80 has the capacity to fit a bigger child, meaning that you get more use out of a same-sized seat. Usage Both these car seats are front facing only.

They cannot be installed to face the rear.

Graco Milestone All-in-One Car Seat Installation Guide