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The Valve-powered system had the benefit of launching with both room-scale tracking and controllers, giving it a head start on the Oculus Rift. These days there’s more parity between the two, but there are still a few games that can only be played on one or the other. There’s a pretty extensive library on the Vive, and while not all of the games are entirely complete or worth your time, there are still some great titles to dive into. The best VR headsets Below, we’ve rounded up what we reckon are the best Vive games you can play right now, along with some titles that are still on the way. Whether you’re after dogfights, zombies, or, err, drug tennis, there’s something here for everyone. Play now Rec Room VR needs more social games, and a lot could be learned from Rec Room, a title that’s all about hanging out with other people. Think Wii Sports with a bit more attitude and a lot more immersion. As you hang out with other players in a social club, there’s a bunch of activities for you to participate in, from paintball to dodgeball to disc golf, while character customisations and quirky interactions with other people help bring the game to life.

PlayStation VR Troubleshooting and Problem Fixes

Initial prototypes[ edit ] Through Meant to be Seen MTBS ‘s virtual reality and 3D discussion forums , [9] Palmer Luckey , the founder of Oculus and longtime MTBS discussion forum moderator, [10] developed the idea of creating a new head-mounted display that was both more effective than what was then on the market, and inexpensive for gamers. The unit featured a high speed IMU and a 5. The main purpose of the kickstarter was to get an Oculus Rift prototype—now referred to as DK1 Development Kit 1 —into the hands of developers to begin integration of the device into their games.

These kits sold at a rate of 4—5 per minute for the first day, before slowing down throughout the week. The pixel fill is also better, reducing the screen door effect and making individual pixels less noticeable. The LCD was brighter and the color depth is 24 bits per pixel.

This is the best solution while we wait for wireless VR. Best ways to get your VR cable up off the floor retractable cable has a carabiner on the end of it to allow for easy cable hookup.

You might now be tempted. Until wireless versions of HTC Vive , Oculus Rift , and Windows Mixed Reality headsets are here to stay, VR enthusiasts must put up with a long cable that is generally a nuisance that wants to wreck your immersion. Sure, you can deal with the cable by stepping over it and keeping track of how many times you’ve spun around, but you can also look for a solution. Why not suspend it above you?

Problems with getting your VR cable off the floor We’ve written in the past about tips and tricks to keep from stepping all over your VR cables. Solutions included clipping the head-mounted display HMD cable to your belt, having someone else hold the cable for you, investing in a pricey VR boom from Virtuix , and using a set of static hooks to hang the cable from the ceiling. Each of these solutions present their own problems. Attaching the cable directly to the ceiling usually involves purchasing separate extension cables in order to reach up to your ceiling and back down to your head, and this adds some unnecessary weight that pulls the HMD out of place and wrecks the perfect fit you took time to achieve.

That extra bit of cable also has a tendency to wrap around your arms and shoulders when you’re spinning around often, like in the game Holopoint. So where do we go from here? A VR cable solution that’s proving effective How do we solve the problem of too much slack in the line that ultimately ends up in a twisted, tangled mess?

YouTuber Shows How to Connect PSVR to PC for 2D Gaming

You might now be tempted. Sure, you can deal with the cable by stepping over it and keeping track of how many times you’ve spun around, but you can also look for a solution. Why not suspend it above you? Here are all the wireless VR accessories worth picking up Problems with getting your VR cable off the floor We’ve written in the past about tips and tricks to keep from stepping all over your VR cables.

AMSTERDAM — VR Bangers’ just-released virtual reality porn titles, “Sorority Hookup Part 2” and “Sorority Hookup Part 3,” feature Elena Koshka, Jaye Summers, Kenzie Reeves and Piper Perri.

Virtual reality porn is quickly becoming a thing. Pornhub, the largest pornography website on the Internet, is the latest company to jump on the VR porn train. The porn site has partnered up with BaDoink, a company that specializes in producing porn videos with and degrees of visual immersion. But unlike porn companies like Naughty America that require a subscription in order to access their VR porn content, Pornhub is giving its VR porn away for free.

VR porn is here and it’s scary how realistic it is “VR porn is great for any occasion,” states one person in the company’s super cringe-worthy promotional video, which you can see above the video is SFW and contains no nudity or porn. Well no here’s you chance!


Shout out if you have a question! To help prepare for the coming storm, Apple is offering VR developer kits with an eGPU box capable of driving the most intense experience on any Thunderbolt 3-capable Mac. Here’s what we’ve learned after spending a few days with one! While the betas contain new features, they also contain pre-release bugs that can prevent the normal use of your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, or Mac, and are not intended for everyday use on a primary device.

That’s why we strongly recommend staying away from developer previews unless you need them for software development, and using the public betas with caution. If you depend on your devices, wait for the final release.

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In fact, using it blocks the see-through function from working! When you plug your phone into the headset for the first time, the software will automatically install. Enable Wifi on your phone and connect to a fast access point. Close all the background apps on your Samsung device before you start Gear VR. This will free up resources and make your programs run faster. Sit in a comfortable position that allows rotation. A swivel chair is ideal because it will allow you to turn freely while in virtual reality.

Stay away from dangerous ledges or sharp objects as virtual reality can be quite disorienting. Connect and enable any devices you plan on using before you start using the Samsung Gear VR. There is no need to use black cover back on when inserting your phone into the Samsung Gear VR. It does not improve the experience and prevents the pass-through feature from working.

The standard stock covers are adequate however long viewing sessions can leave marks on your face and cause a bit of discomfort.

Oculus Rift: What Kind of Computer You’ll Need for VR

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If you are a guy, what is the first thing you do when you receive your first VR headset? One day back in , a package arrived to my front door and it was the Oculus DK1. I immediately ran upstairs and started searching for porn in VR and came across a company called Virtual Real Porn (known as.

Pick a room Pick a room with some free space. For Room Scale VR, you will need at least 2m x 1. The maximum distance supported between base stations is 5m or 16 ft. Make sure you have some room overhead, as some experiences may have you reaching above your head. Your VR area should be clear of furniture and pets — look for two corners of the room or high bookshelves opposite each other that have a good view of this VR area.

This is where you will set up your base stations.

Gigabyte GTX Xtreme Gaming makes life in VR easier

Share shares Outrospectre is designed to provide therapy for terminally ill patients in hospitals, by allowing them to live out the feeling of dying, by watching their own body through a set of robotic eyes By confronting their own mortality and becoming familiar with sensations associated with dying, it is hoped that this will reduce the trauma of the real thing. Here designer Frank Kolkman setting up his creation Mr Kolkman says that the fear and experience of death is a neglected topic in a medical context.

He hopes to address this taboo through his work Patients stand in front of a robotic head that is equipped with a 3D camera in each eye, which is mounted on a track that allows it move forwards and backwards ‘In the developed world, the majority of people die in hospital or a care home, turning deaths into medical experiences. They simply lack the tools. It is also equipped with microphones and the user wears headphones, which means the aural input they receive is also dissociated from their body.

Wearing a VR headset, the user is can watch themselves as the camera feed backs away from their body Four out of five people who have tested the equipment have reported experiencing sensations of physically moving or being present in a different location.

Oculus VR’s Oculus Rift could be the device virtual reality needs to finally break into the mainstream, instead of just being something for tech-frenzied neophiles (and mid’s Hollywood, whose.

Share Save Samsung’s virtual reality headset, dubbed ” Gear VR ,” is available for purchase as of today. For those not following the last three years of virtual reality’s return from obscurity, today is a big day: Gear VR is the first virtual reality headset available to general consumers. And what are its plans for the future? Head below for his answers, and for the full list of apps coming to Gear VR today. Building a business model for VR developers and filmmakers and everybody is super critical.

It’s some of the most talented people out there doing this stuff. It’s something that’s absolutely on our radar screen to do, and Oculus’ as well. It’s just a matter of: Let’s get the basic product out there and that’s something that can be quickly added. I think you’ll expect to see that in early It’s not gone unnoticed that that’s missing for sure. The whole input system — to experience the startup experience, experience the navigation — the input system is very new to people.

How To Setup & Use a VR Headset — Beginner’s Guide