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New Nd Evidence for a Non-Chondritic Composition of the Moon [ ] Here we present new Sm-Nd data for lunar rocks that are used to evaluate the significance of the Sm Nd systematics for constraining the timescale of lunar differentiation and the bulk Nd isotope composition of the Moon. Crystallization of a Lunar Magma Ocean: Preliminary Experimental Results [ ] Though widely accepted, the lunar magma ocean hypothesis has never been fully tested experimentally. Presented here are the preliminary results of experiments conducted on a bulk Moon composition to simulate lunar magma ocean crystallization. Chemical Fractionation after the Moon-forming Giant Impact [ ] We test the hypothesis that the lunar mantle is derived from the terrestrial mantle via liquid-vapor fractionation during the afterglow of the giant impact. The Role for Multiple Scales of Convective Motion [ ] Multiple scales of mantle overturn following magma ocean fractional solidification reconciles the magmatic evolution of the Moon many of its important geological and geophysical characteristics.

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Two New Eucrites of Different Types. Some aspects of the composition of the basaltic achondrites. Lunar Planetary Science Conf. The role of in situ crystallization. Insights into phase percentages using electron microprobe techniques. Characterization and significance of carbonaceous chondrite CM xenoliths in the Jodzie howardite.

The Planetary and Space Science Centre (PASSC) opened in April, and was the first facility of its kind in Canada.

Summit — A summit is a point on a surface that is higher in elevation than all points immediately adjacent to it. Mathematically, a summit is a maximum in elevation. The topographic terms acme, apex, peak, and zenith are synonymous, the UIAA definition is that a summit is independent if it has a prominence of 30 metres or more, it is a mountain if it has a prominence of at least metres.

This can be summarised as follows, A pyramidal peak is an exaggerated form produced by ice erosion of a mountain top, Summit may also refer to the highest point along a line, trail, or route. In many parts of the western United States, the term refers to the highest point along a road, highway. For example, the highest point along Interstate 80 in California is referred to as Donner Summit while the highest point on Interstate 5 is Siskiyou Mountain Summit, geoid Hill List of highest mountains Maxima and minima Nadir Summit accordance Peak finder 2.

Popularly known as the Alice or simply Alice, Alice Springs is situated roughly in Australias geographic centre. The area is known as Mparntwe to its inhabitants, the Arrernte. Alice Springs is nearly equidistant from Adelaide and Darwin, the town straddles the usually dry Todd River on the northern side of the MacDonnell Ranges. They have also referred to as Aranda, Arrarnta, Arunta. There are five dialects of the Arrernte language, South-eastern, Central, Arrernte country is rich with mountain ranges, waterholes and gorges, which create a variety of natural habitats.

The numerous sites of importance in and around Alice Springs include Anthwerrke, Akeyulerre, Ntaripe, Atnelkentyarliweke.

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Kordination der Finanzierung, Logistik, und wissenschaftlichen Auswertung des Bohrprojektes insges. Koordination der Impaktaspekte sowie Organisation und Koordination des Gesamtprojektes ca. Books and Edited Volumes Koeberl, C. Special Section, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 55, p.

Position of second saw cut of in producing 2 cm thick slab see flow diagram. Sawn surface of ,7 west end piece showing E1 face and position of subsamples on top. Subsamples , , and , already removed were in front of , , One inch cube seen in bottom corner. Compare with figure Photo after 2nd saw cut of ,7 from Ryder and Norman Photo of top surface of ,7 , showing thin brown patina on anorthosite and zap pits all over.

Cube is 1 cm. Compare with figures 1 and

Merrillite: Merrillite mineral information and data.

It is the only known terrestrial impact structure that has been directly linked to a mass extinction event and the only terrestrial impact with a global ejecta layer. Of the three largest impact structures on Earth, Chicxulub is the best preserved. Chicxulub is also the only known terrestrial impact structure with an intact, unequivocal topographic peak ring. Our understanding of the impact process is far from complete, and despite more than 30 years of intense debate, we are still striving to answer the question as to why this impact was so catastrophic.

Petrophysical properties measurements on the core and wireline logs acquired during Expedition will be used to calibrate geophysical models, including seismic reflection and potential field data, and the integration of all the data will calibrate models for impact crater formation and environmental effects.

Hesperia Planum, Syrtis Major Planum. As such, GRS is able to measure regional variations in composition that include a strong contribution from the bedrock Newsom et al. For example, individual craters such as Gale or Gusev that have been the sites of landed missions are sub-pixel features for the GRS instrument. There is thus a clear need for study at small spatial scales. In this respect, optical and infrared spectroscopy i. However, the principal drawback of these methods is the fact that penetration depth is small typically tens of microns for VNIR, several cm for TIR making them sensitive to secondary coatings or dust cover that potentially obscure the signature of the primary bedrock.

The situation is slightly better in the thermal infrared as plagioclase shows absorption features in this spectral range e. Donaldson Hanna et al. This situation contrasts with younger terrains, where LCP is almost absent 38 V. Note that the Early Noachian units are sparse and that the middle Noachian unit is the most common unit of Noachian terrains.

Noachian bedrock is found in: This region exposes the complex history of the Noachian crust with an altered basement on top of which a portion of crust enriched in LCP is observed Mustard et al. The earliest indications of this possibility were provided by the combination of TES and THEMIS data that indicated the rare occurrence of quartzo-feldspathic material sodic and calcic plagioclase excavated from depth.

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Gold mineralization within the Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa: A reassessment of the tectonic zonation of the Uralides: The terrestrial record of stable sulphur isotopes: Reactive iron enrichment in sediments deposited beneath euxinic bottom waters:

But by correlating rocks from locality to locality at millions of places around the world, geologists have pieced together a composite stratigraphic column, called the geologic column, that represents the entirety of Earth history. Push on one end of the carpet, and it will wrinkle or contort into a series of wavelike curves.

Stresses developed during mountain building can similarly warp or bend bedding and foliation or other planar features in rock. The result a curve in the shape of a rock layer is called a fold. Why do we perform strain analysis?. It can be important to retrieve information about strain from deformed rocks.

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Image courtesy of Gary L. Kinsland – from Kinsland et al. Age of the chicxulub impact and mass extinction, brazos river, texas, USA. Paper presented at the , 43 5 Evidence for the Chicxulub impact, Geology, v. Geological Society of America Special Paper , pp. Implications of experimental and field studies for the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary acid rain trauma, Palaios, v. Opportunities in Mature Areas, v. Earth, Planets and Space, vol.

New evidence from multi-method charcoal analysis, Journal of the Geological Society , v. Evidence from the charcoal record of North America, Geology, v. Dissecting the geochemical anomaly using laser ablation-mass spectrometry, Geology, v. Geophysics 63 5 ,

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Astronomy and Geophysics, 56, 4. The lunar meteorite Northwest Africa with reference to ferroan troctolitic anorthosite crust Polar Science, in print. A comparison with Earth.

Transcription 1 Pergamon 94 Planet. Box , Mainz, Germany Received 25 March ; revised 8 September ; accepted 14 November Introduction Howardites, eucrites and diogenites are genetically related meteorites that can be grouped together forming the HED suite of achondrites. Ordinary eucrites Takeda, and cumulate eucrites are basaltic, gabbroic, and cumulate rocks, consisting of clinopyroxene and calcic plagioclase with minor amounts of silica polymorphs, chromite, ilmenite and other accessory minerals.

Diogenites represent Mg-rich cumulate rocks orthopyroxenites dominated by bronzite N En,, with minor amounts of olivine, chromite, and accessory minerals like calcic plagioclase. Howardites represent mechanical mixtures of both eucritic and diogenitic lithologies and, therefore, are polymict breccias e. Duke and Silver, ; Bunch, ; Delaney et al. In the order of increasing amounts of diogenite component these breccias are usually classified as polymict eucrites, howardites, and polymict diogenites Delaney et al.

Lunar Samples of Apollo 11 & 12 1972 NASA; Moon Rock Laboratory Analysis